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What are the Key Features of a Quality Sectional Sofa?

Sectional sofas are a great piece of furniture that adds beauty and functionality to your living room. If you have a large family or enjoy sitting together watching movies on your sectional sofas, consider picking a sofa set that is durable. We cannot overlook the design as sofas must fit in your space, and the material from which it is made should also be durable. Some things that define the high quality of a sectional sofa are the frame, upholstery, and cushions.


Sectional sofas are designed in L-shape and U-shapes, but some are also designed in a semicircle shape. Now stores also provide custom sectional sofa designs to customers to meet their specific needs. The design does not indicate the quality of a sofa set, but it helps decide whether it will fit in your space and gives you enough space for movement. L-shape sections comprise two loveseat pieces- a sofa, a loveseat, or a sofa and chaise. While u- Shape sections contain three sofa set pieces- a sofa set at the center and a chaise at the end.


Frame tells the quality of a sofa set; For example, if the sectional frame is made of dried hardwood, it will not crack like frames of pine or plywood. It's vital to check the sectional frames, as they are not made up of one solid unit and may be moved in different directions multiple times. Moreover, quality sectional sofas have corner blocks that prevent them from twisting out of shape.


Each piece of sectional contains a spring system that holds it against wear and tear. If the sectional contains a web suspension, consider not buying it as they are of low quality. High-quality spring systems are eight-way hand-tied systems; these systems are made up of eight metal coils that are attached to each other and then attached to a sectional frame.


The quality of the filler used in making the cushion determines how comfortable you will feel after sitting on it. Cushions that retain their original shape and do not change their shape are filled with high-quality foam. Whereas low-quality filler such as cotton makes cushion sink after some time.


Upholstery is the fabric that is used on the sofa, and it is the first thing that most people see, so it should be attractive and made up of quality material. Fabric that is tightly woven lasts longer than the one that is loosely woven. Also, fabric like cotton looks attractive but is difficult to clean. So, don't pick cotton fabric sectional from a sofa store in Vancouver. Microfiber can be great, as they are easy to clean. And leather stands as the most durable option for upholstery. So, look for sectionals that use high-quality leather, such as top grain. Bi-cast leather and bonder leather are also good, but they are not 100% leather.

The bottom line

At last, there are some key things that you must consider while buying a sectional sofa set for your home. But keep in mind that some designs, fabrics, and materials can increase the price of the sofa set. So, if you are tight on budget, you can go for a simple design that uses less expensive materials. However, you can buy a costly sofa set if you can spend more.
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