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Leather vs. Fabric: Which Sectional Sofa is Right for You

You might have already settled on the sofa type that perfectly complements your living room. And if you have chosen a sectional sofa, you have made an excellent choice. But if you are confused about considerations such as Modern or classic? Loose or fixed cushions? And among this is a most crucial question, which is better leather or fabric sectional sofa. We have made this guide to help you select the right fabric for your sectional sofa. So, keep reading to know the factors you need to consider and the advantages and disadvantages of leather and fabric sofas.

Leather vs. fabric sofa- 3 Things to consider

Before deciding between leather or fabric for sectional sofa sets, consider cost, comfort and ease of cleaning. Let us explore these considerations to determine the best option.


Leather sectional sofa is more expensive than fabric sectional sofas- Keep this in mind while selecting a sofa for your home. Also, the quality of leather used in the sofas can affect the cost of a sofa set. For example, sofas made up of high-quality leather, such as full-grain or top-grain leather, are costlier than those which are made of lower-quality leather.

Maintenance and size

Both leather and fabric require maintenance, but leather is easier to clean than fabric. Also, if you want to keep the sofa for the next 10-15 years, ensure that its size works for every home, even if you move to a bigger or smaller home.

Comfort and style

Next, you should think about which material will suit your style and match your space. And which is the most comfortable fabric? The best is to test different sofa materials by visiting a showroom or a sofa store in Vancouver. You can check their softness, breathability and overall feel by touching them.

Pros and cons of a leather sofa

Most people get confused about leather vs. fabric sofas, but no one can deny that leather is always in style. Here are some pros and cons of a leather sofa.


1. Elegant style

Leather sofas look gorgeous in a living space, and with age, they become even more attractive with wrinkling and marbling. And you can take advantage of the elegance of a leather sofa by picking the right piece. You can style your space according to the sofa set or look at the style of the space and select a sofa accordingly.

2. Easy to clean

Even if your little ones spill water or juice on your leather sectional sofa, you can easily wipe it with a damp cloth. However, one thing to note here is that light colours are more susceptible to stains, such as oil.

3. Hypoallergenic

Unlike fabric material, leather sofas can repel dust mites, pet hair and other things that can cause allergies. If you have faced allergies due to furniture in the past, it’s worth considering a leather sofa.


1. Costly

Their upfront costs are high compared to the fabric sofas, but they last longer. So, if a high-quality leather sofa does not fit into your budget, don’t hesitate to pick a high-end fabric sectional sofa.

2. Not good for pets and kids

A high-quality leather sofa may not be a good option for those who have pets or young children. This is because pets and kids can damage the surface of the leather while playing damaging its aesthetics.

3. Heat and cold retention

Leather sofas feel chilly during winter, especially when you sit on them for the first time. Similarly, they feel hot and sticky in the summer.

Pros and cons of fabric sofa

In the leather vs. fabric sofa battle, many choose fabric. Let us find out why by understanding their pros and cons.


1. Variety

Fabric comes in a variety of colours, fabrics, styles and textures from which one can easily choose. For example, you can choose from silk, velvet or any other options that suit your style and comfort.

2. Comfort

Unlike leather sofas, which can sometimes stick to your skin in hot climates, fabric sofas are more comfortable. In addition, they are soft to the touch and great for homes with young children and pets.

3. Cost

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, consider investing in fabric sectional sofas. But stay away from those sectional sofa sets whose price is too good to be true.


1. Difficult to maintain

Fabric sofas require regular cleaning as they get dirty easily. Moreover, if you are using delicate fabric such as silk or velvet, young children and pets can easily damage them. You may also need professional upholstery cleaning once in a while to clean your upholstery thoroughly.

2. Contain allergens

Fabric sofas can have allergens such as dust and dirt; It may not be suitable for those with bad allergies. Also, cleaning every inch of the sofa using a household vacuum cleaner is difficult.

The bottom line

Finally, before making a decision, consider all the insights and information provided in this guide. And remember, whether you choose timeless leather or beautiful sofas, a well-chosen sofa will be the central attraction of your living space for many years to come.
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