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Custom Sofa in Surrey - The Way You Want It

Do you want a sofa you have not seen in anyone's home, office or shopping centre? Then, we must tell you that you are less likely to find a unique sofa for your abode because showrooms rarely update their catalogues. However, custom sofas can help you achieve your desired style by allowing you to make changes in the following parameters.

1. Dimension

A custom sofa in Surrey can be designed for different room sizes, from small to big as per your requirements. The dimension variability they provide can help you save space and install other furniture, decorative items or antique pieces, which is impossible with a standard sofa set from a showroom.

2. Colour

Though furniture showrooms offer you a wide range of colours to choose from, many individuals want to see a certain shade on a sofa set. So, if you have a non-standard design in your mind, custom sofas stand as the best solution.

3. Functionality

Furniture constructors do not think much of people's comfort when they are manufacturing products in large amounts. However, this is not the case with custom sofas- you just have to tell them your requirements, and they will not only deliver to you what you want but also suggest other ideas, as per their experiences.

4. Fabric

Basic sofa sets consist of standard fabric, which may not satisfy some individuals because of its looks, comfort or texture. However, individuals can pick the fabric of their choice while ordering a custom sofa. But keep in mind that the cost of the product is affected by the material used.

Sofas that can be custom-made

Sectional sofas

Sectional sofas- Great for large families, parties, gaming and movie watching. You can customise a sectional sofa in Surrey according to your needs, preferences, design and material. These pieces of furniture exactly match a room’s specifications and let people enjoy their time with their family and friends.

Straight sofas

Straight sofas- Excellent for family vacations and get-together with friends. Manufacturers can design them for two, three or more people as per the wish of the clients. Traditionally, it was installed against the wall, but now people are placing it in the middle of the room.

Modular sofas

Modular sofas can be configured in different ways to serve different purposes. They can be used for sleeping by joining different pieces together and can be used independently by people for sitting. These sofas are best installed in living rooms and studio apartments.

How custom made furniture is made?

1. Concept discussion

The client chooses a product from the catalogue to help the designer create a sketch. His wishes, such as colour, size, and type of fabric, are taken into account by the designers.

2. Design

3D images of the furniture are provided to the customer to facilitate them to see the sofa from all angles. And once the customer confirms the design, it is transferred to the specialist.

3. Assembly and delivery

A team installs the frame, fabric, and other components. After a quality check, it is delivered to the customer.

The conclusion

At last, if you want to create a perfect piece of furniture for your home, don’t run here and there; just order a custom sofa set. They will help show your unique style, enhance your comfort, and improve the ambience of your home.
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